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The war with Flying Mickey Mouses

Ukrainian armed forces insignia is still staying as "heraldic garbage"
It is obvious, that for the last years Ukrainian armed forces have been embellished on various badges, patches and finally have their own national insignia. No doubt there was a lack of good ideas on military emblems in the Soviet Union period. That is why nowadays armed forces representatives try to satisfy their "heraldic hunger" and often overdo with adornment and look like show business celebrities.
Нашивка Министерство обороны Украины
Нашивка Генеральный штаб ВСУ
Every military unit meant to be seen with special insignias, which could help to distinguish them from the other military units. But when service members try to use on their uniforms the mark of formation, mark of unit and mark of their department at the same time, what can we expect from their appearance? For example, there is no explanation why Internal troops of MIA tend to wear two badges on the summer uniform.
Meanwhile, professional heraldists absolutely fair call all these attempts like nothing else but "heraldic garbage". Ukraine still has no institution, which authorized to create and develop military insignias. The whole process of making emblem designs, patches and badges is out of government control. The main reason is in deficit funding. The process of creating military insignia may look like unbelievable joke, but unfortunately it is harsh true. Usually senior officer tries to solve this issue on his own way. He gives an assignment to his deputy, who in his turn makes the assignment to the junior officer. The last one in a best case scenario has the last class of an art school. And here we go!...
The junior officer makes his drawing, blindly embodying officer's fantasy according to his God-given talents, and officer is judging. Moreover generally the senior officer is telling what exactly must be or not to be in the design. As one heraldist said: "The officer ordered, that on this spot need to be drawn tanks, and here must be seen flying Mickey Mouses. And here we go!... Mr Officer gets his tanks and his favorite heroes from Walt Disney lovely cartoons.
There are a lot of other nasty incidents. For example, Operational Command North of the Ukrainian Ground Forces addressed to heraldry artist to recreat military emblem. Regrettably heraldry artist was able only to recreate officer's point of view.
Thus, was implemented the strip award on patches of the military units, awarded by The Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. But the case is that the units were awarded by The Order of the Soviet Union of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and strip was pictured... as Ukrainian.
Шеврон Войска противовоздушной обороны ВСУ
Нашивка Зенитно-ракетные войска
As well known the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky has not been used as thecollective award in Ukraine till nowadays . It is very sad question, but unlikely all mentioned stories are legal.
The main point, always the primary role must be played by commanders. "Tomorrow this officers will change on other people with their special preferences , - says Alexey Rudenko, - So what, all must be changed again?"
Alexey Rudenko the director the Heraldic Chamber, the member of the Award Committee and Heraldry under the President of Ukraine says, "absouletely imposible to review the catalog of the sleev marks and emblems (the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine) without tears. It is hard to come up with the most terrible insignia combination.
The worst thing all this experiments are done for taxpayers money. I don't want to pay for the next try of the Armed Forces of Ukraine again to make shoulder strap in a different way..."
"We cooperate with Ministry of Defense of Ukraine since 1992, - says the director of the Heraldic Chamber- when I introduced to the Minister of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine first designs of the patches, he was confused about their circle shape. But now the circle insignia was implemented as the emblem of Head office of Ministry of Defence …"
Today the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine, as identification mark, is attached on the military machines. Moreover its proportions are undergoing unbelievable distortions – the initial design of the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine changes in any way the artist wants. No doubt it is illegal.
Fortunately, it seems like, this "heraldic lawlessness" in the country comes to an end.
Нашивка Радиотехнические войска
Нашивка Авиация ПВО
The President of Ukraine signed an Edict №694, which was addressed to make all heraldic issues under strict control of the government. And at the moment it is expected to approve on the legislative level the Concept of the Development of Symbols and Emblems of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Other Military Formations of Ukraine".
First insignias were created by using ancient military symbols. For example Greece shield, by mistake called Scythian. It is the most ancient attribute, which was found on the territory of our country near the Black Sea coast. Also must be mentioned the shield of Svyatoslav and so-called Cossack cross, which became as the symbol of Ukrainian Cossacks.
The artists of the Heraldic Chamber perfectly combined European heraldry and National symbolism
Furthermore, heralds have been corrected such trendy mistake of the security forces – using symbols on the emblems, which lost their relevance. For instance, there is pictured MiG-23 on the emblems of the military aviators, but currently it is not modern aircraft, and it will not be used in the future at all.
In addition, why should pilots of military transport aviation to use patches with fighters, on which they do not flight in real life? Further we go, worse it becomes. Department of Patrol Police officers want to see on their patches the car designed in 70s.
It was big deal to convince Department of Patrol Police officers that the image of that car can’t be considered as national insignia.
A lot of letterings on the badges – it is another one popular hobby. Though, the patch is unique when it has brief and understandable meaning. According to the international rules it is only allowed to indicate the number of the unit, as a sign of military belonging to a specific group. After all, even our military units have centuries-old roots of history - since the times of the registered Cossacks. Meanwhile, the numbers of our units are often “taboo” - they say, this is a military secret.
Ukrainians still can’t rejoice of our independence. For example, the general chevron of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is embellished with the Small Coat of Arms, the national flag, and even the lettering: "UKRAINE". But there is no military symbols at all, which successfully exchanged by viburnum branches and wheat. However, in appliance with Ukrainian Constitution, agricultural activity is not the main goal of the army.
All heraldists hope, that to the nearest anniversary of Ukrainian independence service members will appear on parade with new, more professional insignias. Taking into consideration that our militaries expect of creating regular army, this issue is extremely relevant As they say in Chamber, the quality of insignias really showcase the level of efficiency of the Army. In the meantime, getting abroad and looking at other military men, our peacekeepers often experience an inferiority complex.
But you should not think that all issues can be solved by accepting one Conception.
Agreeing to change the insignias, the leaders of the security forces reserve the leadership in developing and adopting samples of military uniforms (the uniform is sacred).
Therefore, it is common, that the leaders of one formation are categorically convinced that the green cross offered by them on a white field is not aesthetic enough (or is it patriotic?).
And insist the same cross to put on a crimson field. There is no more dissonant combination in heraldry.
But the generals have their own views, which, apparently, will be embodied. So the war with the "Flying Mickey Mouse" is just beginning.
Dmitry Tymchuk
Agency "Press KIT"
Original article SIGNUMANISTICS
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