Production of machine embroidery - Kiev Dnepropetrovsk

Our production

With 21 years of experience in professional computer embroidery production process, we provide thousands of patterns and templates to meet the highest standard of customer satisfactions.

Embroidery Machine ZSK JAFA 0412

Plane Embroidery Machine ZSK, used for embroidery patches and chevrons

For more flexible technological process the company is equipped with single heads and multi heads embroidery machines to ensure all products can be manufactured in high quality.


Universal Embroidery Machine ZSK JF0411 embroidery on finished products, embroidery patches and chevrons


Flexible single head machines and 4- head embroidery machines are using for small and special order production. These allow to ensure high quality technological process and to find balance between equipment loading and staff management.

Universal Embroidery Machine ZSK Sprint2 copes with embroidery on the cut, the finished product and any embroidered chevrons and stripes


Productive capacity of the enterprise is 70 000 000 stitches per day. At August of 2018, our company has 200 embroidery heads from ZSK, SWF, Tajima.

Tenderloin finished stripes and chevrons laser with an optical pointing device

Laser cutting system quickly and accurately cut single designs or multiples. Laser cutting system enhances our productivity and quality, while maintaining flexibility, simplicity, and reliability. This innovation allows us to configure the most suitable conditions to meet your current needs and satisfy your future requirements.


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