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Logo Embroidery on the uniform, workwear and promotional clothes. Affordable low price, fast turnaround time, strength and durability of the embroidered products.

Computer machine embroidery stitching out corporate logos on the uniform, workwear or promotional clothes, became popular due to fast turnaround time and low affordable prices for small order accomplishing. Because for stitching out the logo on the workwear you need only to create design (the digitized/punched program for the embroidery machine), we can do it within couple hours and right away stitch it out on the fabric or finished garment.

The importance of the workwear

Workwear — special high quality clothing, which protects employees from risks on the workplace. Workwear should be functional, comfortable and provide necessary safety to employees. This type of uniform became popular short time ago. Before this workwear were used only for simple manual workers and there were no plans to develop this segment of the industry.

Currently producers and designers try to make all their best to create workwear most comfortable, functional, observable and of course beautiful. It’s not a secret that workwear became inspiration in fashion. Denim jackets, caps, trench coats, overalls, polo shirts, T-shirts made a huge impact on the fashion industry.

Most basic workwear is produced from special durable materials to provide general protection. Typical examples would include water resistant, flame retardant, high visibility materials and high level of protection clothing for chemical industry workers. Workwear must not only be safe, but comfortable, functional, supports body movement and be able to help employees to carry out their tasks most effectively.

Embroidered garments are ideal opportunity for companies to promote their brand, employees and enhance corporate culture.

Another uniform application it’s promotional clothing for brand advertising. In everyday life you can see promotional garments in malls and big supermarkets. In this case, the most demanded are t-shirts, caps and aprons with embroidered logo or embroidered name of the company. There’s no better way to express yourself.

There are a lot of helpful ideas, which producers can advise you - from made products to custom workwear, uniform and promotional clothes. Sewing market offers huge range of materials and their colors, varied solutions to make your clothes unbelievable and gorgeous. That’s why producers are able to consider whatever individual needs and customer preferences.

You have in your mind some unique and special conception, nobody did it before and you wish to create it and make it real? So we’d love to help it happen. Give us a email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Workwear with embroidered logo

It’s became very fashionable and popular to decorate the uniform (promotional clothes) with embroidered company logo and therefore to promote your brand. Clothes with stitched out logo is great opportunity to stand out in the market among huge amount of the competitors and gives you possibility to emphasize your corporate style. Embroidered logo is very strong and durable, comparing with other methods of creating logos and emblems. Embroidery is able for long time keep brightness, colorful and has beautiful appearance.

Before ordering embroidered logo of the company you should seriously think about design placement on the garment. The best placement is affecting on whole garment appearance and will not disturb during exploitation of the uniform. In order to accomplish these, embroidered logos and emblems are tryed to stitch out on the most accepted parts of the clothes - back, chest, upper sleeve, front embroidery area on the cap, overall pockets. If you are going to apply patches or badges, you can determine logo placement on already made uniform, workwear or promotional clothes.

Well done workwear with company logo, created on computer embroidery machine, will allow company to promote their business and engage valuable investment in the future. If you have any questions about your logo, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to assist you.


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