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Biker symbols

Bikers are motorbike owners, who love to ride bikes for pleasure. Commonly they are members of an organized club or gang.
Bikers are known for their free spirit and love to motorbikes, which differ from another ones by their unique appearance and motorbike insignia, which usually created by using variety eye-catching details, like sport tattoos, big amount of colorful patches, they wear plenty of leather and denim and so on. All these biker attributes have decorative purpose, but can give us some extra information about type of club or organization the biker may be related with. The motorcycle clubs have their own subculture, traditions and lifestyle philosophy.
The history of bikers appearance has its roots in the 1950, USA. For all these years till nowadays biker movement went through long way of transformation, gradually turn into powerful organization.
Bikers in the city - Embroidered biker symbols
Biker patch
All professional bikers tend to be the members of some motorcycle club, they prefer to join to the company of people with the same interests and passion. Here are some different types of motorcycle clubs:
MG (MotoGang - one of the most dangerous outlaw motorcycle clubs with stringent rules. All members must follow each set of regulations or else face strict punishment. Some members of this club have been engaged in criminal activity, drug trafficking and even murders!),
МС (MotorcyclesClub – this unit is considered outlaw also. All members must adhere to a code of conduct while wearing their club's colors),
МСС (MotorCyclesClub – is known as a non-violent club. Motorcycle riders just looking to enjoy their bikes and have good time with friends. Each person can become a member, if he or she has the same interests as members of this unite. There are no restrictions in membership concerning the bike model or brand, gender, color of skin or so on).
Eventually, motorcycle club is similar to government structure with its formal hierarchy and duties to promote rules for their club.They have their own constitution, restricted by invisible but strong borders.
The primary difference between motorcycle biker and just usual rider is insignia, which they place on their bikes, jackets, vests, jeans and ets.:
NavalJack - the best know Confederate flag– the symbol of non-conformism and the right beliefs of American bikers;
Skull symbol– it is symbol of fearlessness in the face of danger and death. Skull symbol is very common with motorcycle riders. They believe the skull patch will protect them when they hit the road on extremely high speed. Moreover there’s belief that when death comes to a man it leaves a death mark in a shape of the skull.
But biker believe if he already has this symbol on his jacket then death will think that the man is already dead and it’s leaving without him.
Embroidered biker patch - skull on the cross
Biker patches on the back of the jacket
Colors are insignia of the motorcycle club, usually sewn on the back of the leather jacket or denim cut-off vest, which is frequently worn on the top of the jacket. Colors are considered to represent biker's bond to the certain club and consist of three parts: top rocker, bottom rocker, and central logo of the club. The first part comes with a name of the club, the second part - with a location of his club and the third part means the rank of the biker. The quantity of the patches signifies his status. Motorcycle clubs may have formal hierarchy and duties to promote structure for their club. The most common ranks are Founder, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Road Captain, Member and Prospect.
The logo of the motorcycle club is very crucial for all members of the club. Bikers tend to realize the high level of the personal responsibility and self-discipline. Each club has strict rules on how the colors are treated and when it is proper to wear them. They are obligated to avoid situations, which can cause trouble for their club reputation. All club colors are strictly protected and the process of earning them is very long and hard.
Biker patch 1%
Embroidered biker patch - Skull and Cross
IronCross emblem (the Iron Cross was awarded to soldiers during the Wars of Liberation against Napoleon. ) featured with swastika - was borrowed from soldiers after the war. Wearing this emblems people usually expressed their protest against the government. Howether till nowadays there are doubts about connection this emblem with bikers' political views or it is just another one intention to show that bikers like other people are peaceful and kind citizens.
Bikers commonly use wide range of patches, badges, logos and images on the clothes, which can be related with different events in their life and motorcycle movement. Many of them identify the meaning "brother or enemy".
«1 %» (OnePercent, Onepercenter) patch is refers to the fact that bikers consider themselves apart from the 99 percent of motorcyclists alleged to be represented by the American Motorcycle Association. One of the incidents in 1947 at an event in Hollister, California, in which a number of bikers got out of control, caused an uproar, the AMA reportedly issued a statement that 99% of their members were law-abiding citizens and only 1% were outlaws. From that point, any biker who identified with the outlaw image labeled themselves as a one percenter. To this day, the 1% patch remains an iconic symbol among bikers, even though the AMA has declared this story to be apocryphal. Often «1 %» can be seen as a tattoo.
Biker patch on the back Brotherhood of Bickers
Embroidered biker patch on the back - Helmet laws SUCK
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Embroidered biker patch - Bicker born, Bicker death
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