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Obviously, baseball cap is very popular headwear in everyday life and all over the world.
Baseball caps have become essential accessory in the sportsmen wardrobe and perfectly match to people of different gender and age - from small to adult and may use for various purposes.
Custom embroidered cap is one of the most used and efficient items in promotional campaigns to identify your business, company or event.
Also custom embroidered caps have great demand in military sector, police departments, fire departments and security agencies.
Вышивка на готовой бейсболке
Embroidered promotional caps is excellent way to advertise your brand and ideal choice to emphasize domestic and global commercial events.
A lot of international companies have their own corporate culture and strive to keep their professional look on the highest level.
Baseball cap remains one of the most famous commercial gadgets. It is always attract attention, has affordable price and very comfortable in every walk of life.

Embroidery on finished cap (baseball cap)

Here you can buy a baseballcap with embroidery. In the presence of the main colors of caps and the most popular styles.
If you order cap embroidery from our online store, we will additionally provide a 10% discount on the purchase of baseball caps.
Send your logo and contact us to agree on the availability of the desired color and style in the warehouse in order to agree on the lead time.
Embroidering a logo on a baseball cap is not an easy task. The quality of the result also depends on the shape of the cap, the material from which it is made.
We are confident in those products that are sold in our online store.
We have repeatedly tested and checked this textile product during use.
And the result on hats bought not from us can be absolutely unpredictable.
It is possible that one or two products will have to be spoiled to make sure that the product from an unknown supplier is not suitable for machine embroidery.
So for embroidery, hats made using fishing line are absolutely not suitable. The fishing line may be inside the duplicating frontal part of the material.
And it is not always possible to immediately understand how the headpiece is made. The problem will become visible only when we try to apply the image to such a product.
Setting up embroidery for caps, we have to determine the proper size of the design and acceptable placement of the logo.

Embroidery on the front panel

Вышивка на бейсболках спереди
Embroidery size on the front of the cap


Embroidery on the front of the cap is restricted by the acceptable sewing area, the recommended height is 50mm. This limitation refers to the profile of the cap. The higher profile of the cap the much larger design can be accommodated on the item. In some special cases it's possible to make embroidery height up to 60mm, but it depends on the design of the logo.

Embroidery on the side of the cap

Вышивка на бейсболках сбоку
Embroidery on the side of the cap


Size limitation refers to the cap construction. Embroidery can be done between two side seams.

Embroidery on the back of the cap

Embroidery on the back of the cap
Embroidery size on the adjustment strap of the cap


The other placement option, when embroidery is arched across the back opening. The text can be up to



Embroidery on the cut details of the baseball cap

Order custom embroidery on the baseball cap. Embroidery on the pre-made fabric details.
This method allows to reduce challenges you may have producing embroidery on the baseball caps. Just imagine you, don't deal with the cap frame, you don't puzzle over cap construction or size limitations.
You can place your design anywhere, then put all pieces together and at the end you'll achieve the best result possible.
Send us your design idea or mock up. Our experienced design artists can help you with any need.
At the same time, the cost of applying the image will be significantly lower than applying to the finished product.
Samples below can be stitched only on the pre-made fabric details.
  • Embroidered baseball cap
    Custom embroidered baseball cap sample- can be done on the pre-made fabric details
  • Baseball cap embroidery
    Custom embroidered baseball cap - can be done on the pre-made fabric details
  • Embroidery on the finished  baseball cap
    Embroidery on the finished baseball cap. 3D embroidery
  • Biker embroidered baseball cap
    Embroidered baseball cap. The design was done on the pre-made fabric details.
  • Embroidered baseball cap
    Embroidered baseball cap. The design was done on the pre-made fabric details.

    Baseball cap styles

    There is huge amount of cap styles.
    From timeless classic to special styles, like promotional cap, in which from classical design have been left only the design of the visor.
    Nowadays, the most popular baseball caps normally sewn in five or six sections and known as five or six panel baseball caps.
    Вышивка на бейсболке
    ✶ Five panel baseball cap consists of five sections, which form the structure of the cap and sewn together. The front section is the biggest one + 2 panels on the sides and 2 panels on the back.
    ✶ Six panel baseball cap has six sections, sewn together with the button on the top.
    Baseball caps with a curved visor have become very popular. In the past curved visors' lovers shaped it by hand. Later producers noticed this trend and started to manufacture baseball caps with curved visors.
    All of them are suitable for applying embroidery design.
    The only thing should be considered, that embroidery design on six panel baseball cap can be stitched out on the seams between panels.
    Setting up design for caps with fine details on visors requires special technical skills.


    The first baseball cap, as we know it today, was created by New Era company, also known as the "59Fifty" cap. It became the icon of the company. Baseball teams were playing on the open fields and started wearing this accessory to protect face, including eyes, nose, and cheeks, from the sun and in order to see the balls better. From that time this type of headwear became the most preferable means to hide from the sunshine.
    For a long time it was common to wear baseball caps on the family picnics.
    In 40s, headwear producers started to embroider team logos on the caps to identify players from the stadium tribunes.
    In the 1980s, sport style became extremely popular fashionable trend. At that time fashion designers decided to look closer to the baseball caps and started to play with styles and shapes loved by all. Appeared new types and color combinations. Designers were trying to increase baseball cap variations, offered different shapes of the visors and created new ideas to highlight style details, considering at the same time comfort, resilience, durability and price.
    Nowadays, we can see a huge variety of caps.
    There is tremendous selection of materials used in cap designs, such as linen, wool, denim, cotton, nylon, acrylic, leather and so on. The latest designer collections offer wide range of season baseball caps and strive to take care about customers in all seasons of the year, protecting their eyes from the sun in the summer and warming their heads in the winter season
    For summer seasons usually choose natural breathable materials with special net on the back. Producers try to add as much eyelets as possible. The purpose of this is to keep your head cool, provide ventilation and also helps to wick moisture away.
    And of course we can hardly imagine our baseball caps without adjustable closures, they can be different types, such as metallic, plastic, velcro and on button.

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