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To order patches on the garments in Kyiv and Dnepr. All types embroidered patches on the military,sports, work uniform and commercial clothing. Professional production. How to purchase custom patches or order patches from the stock.

Patches on the garment and scout patches

Usually patches are used to repair clothes. Even if you have serious damages on the clothes, patches can decorate your garment and enhance the appearance of the clothing. Also patches are perfect for clothing restoration and can add currently very popular vintage style.

In scout units patches are usually sewn on for certain achievements, for passing through some challenges or winning at the competition. There are many varieties of scout patches ,mostly they represent scouting honors and special recognitions: the sign of the scout’s specialization, for challenges and skills, anniversary scout’s awards, camp name and location, patches of the attendance of certain events so far and so on.

Producing embroidered patches and embroidery designs using the best embroidery equipment in the industry, it means we guarantee high quality of the stitched products at the most affordable prices possible.

Our company offers custom embroidered patches and digitizing service in Kyiv or Dnepr. We provide delivery service of the embroidered items all over Ukraine via all delivery companies, which have their departments in Kyiv and Dnepr. If you are ordering from outside the Ukraine, please give us and talk to a live Project Specialist who will assist you right away.

Ordering custom embroidered patches in Kyiv and Dnepr, to purchase embroidered patches in Kyiv Ukraine


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