Buy embroidered badges or order custom-made embroidered badges. No big deal! Please send us layout of the badge or just embroidered sample and we'll get to work right away. AtlasD is a team of highly qualified professionals, with 21 year experience in machine embroidery industry; we are focused on excellence in service and reputation. We strive to make order process as seamless as possible with fastest quote and most competitive price, quickest turnaround time and short delivery terms. If you are looking for how to order perfect patches, badges, embroidery on the garment or digitize you design, we are happy to help you from start to finish of the process.

Embroidered badge

Embroidered badge - is a peace of embroidery- also known as embroidered sleeve patch.

Our customer satisfaction is crucial for us, so we provide machine embroidery service using the best equipment in the industry- ZSK and Tajima and applying the best quality materials. With over 21 years’ experience we adhere to the most strictest quality of the product and stand by the perfect level of the product excellence.

Large selection of the embroidery threads and backings for embroidery allows to accomplish your project in the fastest turnaround time. Ordering badges and patches in Kyiv and Dnepr - please choose the nearest headquarter to you. We provide delivery service of the embroidered items all over Ukraine via all delivery companies, which have their departments in Kyiv and Dnepr. If you are ordering from outside the Ukraine, please give us a call and talk to a live Project Specialist who will assist you right away.

How can I order badges in Kyiv,Dnepr

We make it easy to accomplish the order and the whole process can be divided on some steps:

  • You provide us with image or made sample. The main point for our digitizers (punchers) is able to figure out your ideas and expectations. There are no some kind of strickiest requirements to your image, but if you need quality result and you are not certain about your expectations, it may apply additional charges to work out your idea or image, then your design and finally to embroider your order.
  • We pricing your quote pricing your quote and guarantee you precise turnaround time producing whole order. Our pricing based on the amount of the real business time, which our staff spent on doing the job, and raw materials expenses. After receiving all details of the order, you are only required to make payment for the order.
  • Our digitizers start create embroidery design only after your final approval.
  • To ensure quality result your digitized design is checking up on our equipment ( ZSK, Tajima – whatever you prefer) . Our digitizer always test your design until it’s completely clear that job was done perfect- we can create several samples, using different colors and backings.
  • Customer’s satisfaction is a number one priority for us. So if you are satisfied with the design and there is no need in extra work or change something, we start embroider it and depending on quantity of the items you will receive your order approximately within 2 or 3 days.
  • Useful information

    The main badges or patches advantage compared with embroidery created on fabric or garment such as special uniform, commercial outfit or machine embroidery on ready to weareveryday clothing is you can sew badges and patches on ready to wear fashion garments. During the embroidery process the fabric is not damaged, it is only applying on the surface therefore embroidery decorate your garment and enhance the appearance of the clothing.

    Army badges are using for the department identification, unite, ranks or as a sign of special military distinction of a soldier and used to in whole armies of the world.

    In each country technical process has its specifics and may differ from technical process of the other country. The reason is in level of technological development and embroidery traditions.

    In Russia badges and patches are tend to produce on thin fabric and usually manufacturers leave space from borders of the embroidery to have possibility to sew badge or patch on the military uniform.

    In UK and USA badges and patches have overlock border with no view of the background on edges only merrow border. Merrow border creates on special machine and usually perform manually. Be advised that this type of technology is very complicated such as every manual labor. More over geometrical sizes and straightness of the borders depend on professional qualification of the individual who will accomplish the job. Also we should remind about other significant dis advantage of this method – merrow border goes on the adhesive backing, therefore when you fix embroidered items on the clothes or uniform the edges of the embroidery are leaving not stabilized appropriately and within some time becomes not very pretty. Backing selection for this may be whatever density.

    In Ukraine thin material is not used in badges and patches production. Commonly just smooth fabric applied. Background fabric is trimmed on the merrow border. In this case background fabric a little bit shown up through merrow border, but if job is done perfectly then item looks pretty good. And the price for such type of technique is lower than for overlocked edge.

    We have to admit that in our practice we only couple times have experienced embroidered badges with overlocked edges. Currently we are not applying overlocked edges because we take into consideration the complexity, low level of the technological process and individual labor dependability.

    But demand creates its own supply and we are absolutely ready to increase our production service if you requires overlocked edges and on 100% prepared to assist you. We are happy to accommodate any order of any size. Feel freeto contact us at any time, we are happy to implement whatever desires and suggestions. We constantly try to stay in the loop of the trends and market needs. If you need immediate help with your order, please give us a call or reach us via email or drop us a line on live chat and we will reply you as soon as we can.

    Ordering badges in Kyiv and Dnepr, purchase badges in Kyiv and Dnepr


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    «IFSS» - International Federation of Security Structures

    Sleeve Patch «IFSS» - International Federation of Security Structures.


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