Order Patches or Chevrons

Our customer is number one priority for us. Before accepting an order, we always make sure all details of the order and never begin production until receive your approval. If you need any support with your design or specializing your order to your needs, our support team can help make it happen, please call us, or email us.

How to order patches or badges:

  • You should send us image in whatever graphical format or just drawing on the paper. Please be advised the price for punching design depends on the quality of the image. The best option to provide image in vector format, geometrically aligned; the worst option it’s drawing by hand, which, before using for stitching, must be digitized and all symmetric details must be aligned. As a sample for stitching we also accept embroidered product.
  • You should choose the type and color of the background and color of the threads. The best and the most convenient way to do it in our office, where we can figure out all details with the help of special thread and fabric cards. We can use standard Pantone colors, but in this case the color of the thread may a little bit differ from the Pantone color when you are looking on the embroidered details under different angles, mostly due to the dimension of the embroidery.
  • If you are ordering badges, it’s very essential to figure out functional specification of the final product and based on this, select background material features and embroidery threads.
  • The type of quality assurance process for patches and badges – whether cleaning borders of the patches or additional backing cover under neath side of the embroidered item: special embroidery stabilizers or temporary spray adhesive, which allows to fix the badge on the sleeve or other particular spot on the uniform using iron or press. Moreover, applying special adhesive material allows to hold embroidery threads correctly and steady, avoiding thread breaking during every day wearing. Such kind of embroidery features increase life time of the garment considerably.
  • Thickness embroidered patch –sometimes required to glue embroidered patches with additional layers of adhesive material for extra strength of the final product.
  • Specify your deadline – to accomplish and guarantee your order for machine embroidery or punching design in time. We offer faster turnaround time than anyone in the industry.

To place an order on the finished garments, embroidered patches and badges, or if you need punching design please contact our sales team by phone, or email us.

Please be advised, the maximum allowed size for uploads is 8Mb. If you need to submit us file bigger than that size, please reach us Kiev or Dnipro, we will assist you right away.

Besides, if you are looking for simple and fast solutions for your ideas you can purchase in-stock patches and badges for significantly lower price than customized orders. Our warehouses are located in Kyiv and Dnepr and we always have wide range in-stock items to bring you choice and to meet all your needs.


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