Types of patches, the best way for the personal identification

The main point of the patch and badge is to indicate individual personal affiliation to the particular group, government, department or community. For instance: military patches, biker patches, sport patches, name patches.

Every day we meet representatives of the different government and security structures, who has on their sleeves special sew on badges identifiying their department or specifying the name of the company, on the shoulder – semi circle patch of the unit and on the back side of the uniform– huge patch with lettering ‘’SECURITY’’, at once you can be sure that it’s trustworthy organization, with strictly managed obligations and you can rely on the security system and be sure you are in safe place. On the other hand, you have absolutely different impression, when you see people in camouflage uniforms with no structure identification. In this case it’s easy to take such kind of individuals for fisherman, customer, robber or probably safeguard – so it’s completely unclear what is he doing here.

Government departments, non-government departments or private security structures always must have their unique designs or logos, sewn on or embroidered on the uniform.

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