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Price of Machines Embroidery

Price for machines Embroidery. What determines the price of embroidery. How do the technological features and production time on the cost of machine embroidery.

ZSK embroidery machine for high quality embroideryThe embroidery price depends on a number of factors: the style of the garment, the type of fabric, the embroidery size and complexity, the quantity of thread colors and stitches count, other technical issues that should be taken in consideration as they can involve a fix fee.


Layout for Embroidery

Design sample requirements:

1. Logo or graphic design for embroidery

  • Logos or designs created in any graphic program. If you would like to email us, your file must not be larger than 8 MB.
  • Paper copies of logos or designs should be presented at the highest resolution possible. The paper copy must include detailed resolutions and attachments concerning this design.
  • Ready-made product as example to create embroidery design

2. Size of the logo or design (height and width).



Order terms

Our enterprise is located in Dnipropetrovsk region.

To save your money and manufacture your orders in time, you need to order early enough.

Standard turn-around time for small orders (1000 pieces) is 7 working days upon receipt of the order.

Turn-around time for bulk orders may vary in accordance with technological specification and current enterprise occupation.


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